Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Testing plants for photosynthesis

As one of experiments this week we were looking at what would happen to geranium leaves if we put a piece of tin foil across and blocked the sun getting to the leaf. After a week we tested the leaf for the presence of starch (stained black by iodine). You can see a couple of amazing results where the foil prevented the leaf from carrying out photosynthesis and storing the products as starch...pretty convincing experiment!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Growing peanuts

A couple of years ago I remember seeing a peanut plant and I was like, peanuts, in NZ? Yes, they grow well. So, 9RA decided to see if this was true and a couple of weeks ago I went to the supermarket, bought some standard untreated peanuts and we planted them out. Now, we have some lovely wee plants poking their shoots forth and growing happily.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Measuring up our plot

As part of our plants & animals unit and as a way to improve our school environment 9RA have adopted a small patch of dirt to turn into a native garden. We will use some plants from the plant unit but we have just written to a number of nurseries to see if they would be able to donate a couple of native shrubs. We eagerly await their responses...

Work with native seedlings

As part of our topic on plants & animals, we have been involved in pricking out some young seedlings to grow in our plant unit. The unit is part of the Trees for Survival Program. As a school we are connected with the Pit Park Project and are growing out native trees to plant over in the park. Our next planting will be this winter and I am hoping 9RA will be involved in this venture.